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CTS values it's policies and procedures

Equal Opportunities policy
Equality is all about fostering everybody’s right to be different and free from discrimination, it’s a place where everyone is valued as an individual and all employees have a choice and their own beliefs and values are respected.

Quality Environmental Health and Safety Policy
The company aims to achieve first class performance in all quality, health, safety and environmental issues by reducing and managing risks, eliminating potential injuries, preventing work related ill-health and minimising the effect of our activities on the environment

Safe Guarding policy
The purpose of this policy and its subsequent procedures are to outline a clear framework to protecting and safeguarding children, young people and adults so that all staff and those working on behalf of the CTS are aware of their roles and responsibilities in identifying concerns, sharing information, and taking prompt action.

Privacy Policy
CTS considers the protection of your personal data and privacy a very important matter. We seek to adhere to all privacy laws and enforce clear policies on protecting personal information.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is important to CTS while we run our business in line with the expectations of diverse stakeholders, we also see corporate responsibility as a discipline that helps us manage risks and maximize on the opportunities.

Carbon Reduction Plan
We measure our carbon within the business and have a PPN06/21 Carbon Reduction Plan.

All written policies are available upon request

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