October marks the 16th annual National Cyber security Awareness Month (NCSAM). Here at CTS, we understand the importance of Cyber security. This year’s message is to, Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT., reminding everyone of the role we all play in online safety and security at home and in the workplace.

CTS recently obtained a cyber security certificate which shows the business has achieved a robust level of security that provides safe transferal of data in and out of the company. The certificate also entails that CTS follow a certain standard ensuring data is protected – such as password policies, access rights to certain locations etc.

There is now an increased prominence on cyber security in organisations due to many crippling cyber attacks. Like many businesses, CTS rely on technology to be connected at all times and conduct work effectively. Therefore, it is vital for more businesses to follow in the footsteps of CTS and introduce a robust, high level of cyber security.

CTS IT systems manager, Joel Caldwell states the importance of Cyber Security;

“Cyber security is present in everything we do these days, from sending an email to buying something online, each with their own set of risks.

“In reality, security is only ever a catch-up game between the creation of a new threat and the patching to protect against it.

“If you are to take one thing forward regarding Cyber Security it is to check, check and check again. Watch for the unusual  links on a web-pages, be wary of email links and if you aren’t sure if something is official, call the company and check if what was sent was genuine.”

To read more on National Cyber Security Awareness Month click here

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CTS IT Systems Manger Joel pictured holding the recently acquired Cyber security certificate alongside CTS team members.
CTS IT Systems Manger Joel pictured holding the recently acquired Cyber security certificate alongside Serena and Garren.

On Thursday 10th October, members of the CTS team were delighted to attend the Action Mental Health annual big breakfast fundraiser in celebration of World Mental Health Day.

The team got a delicious breakfast along with a great talk by Aisling Press, who Spoke about Danske Bank’s partnership with Action Mental Health.  

Guest speaker Ashling Press carrying out her talk
Guest speaker, Ashling Press carrying out her talk

It was great to hear the great work Danske Bank do along with seeing so many other local businesses at the event showing their support. CTS is delighted to be a corporate sponsor for a charity that changes the lives of so many people.

Action Mental Health, Fundraising & Communications Manager, Jonathan Smyth explains the role businesses such as CTS play for the charity;

‘Action Mental Health rely on the support of businesses and the local community to help provide our services across Northern Ireland.

‘So we are delighted to have the support of a company like CTS who are firmly committed to promoting positive mental health, both in the workplace and in the wider community.

‘The team at CTS are great to work with and they are all making a tremendous difference by both raising funds and breaking down the enduring stigmas that still surround mental health. We are very grateful and lucky to have them as one of our corporate partners’.

Team CTS member at the Action Mental Health fundraising event
Team CTS members at the big breakfast event

If you or someone you know needs help, you can telephone Lifeline free at any time. Lifeline is a crisis response helpline available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to people in Northern Ireland. It offers immediate help over the telephone if you, or someone you know, is in distress or despair.

Telephone: 0808 808 8000

For more information check out the websites below.

Lifeline Website

Action Mental Health Website

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