Last week Connect Transform Sustain (CTS), CEO Connaire McGreevy was invited to participate in the Northern Ireland Construction Group event at Stormont.  The high profile event involved the representatives of the Centre of Procurement Excellence in NI alongside the industry’s leading voices from the FMB, CEF, ICE and the CITB to name a few.

Connaire talked with Gavin McGuire from the FMB on the impact of mental health in construction during their allocated time.  The wide reaching and deep impact mental health has meant the room was engaged and waited on every word. 

CTS has been partnered with Action mental Health for many years who provide massive amounts of support.

There is much the sector as a whole can do to improve the mental health of people and only by a collaborative approach will change happen.  It is alarming that every working day in the UK & Ireland 2 construction workers take their own life. 

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