Construction Safety Week 2020

Welcoming in Construction Safety Week 2020 CTS continues to obtain high standards in Safety.

Construction Safety Week is an opportunity to reflect on aspects of safety, health and overall wellbeing and to promote its importance throughout the workforce.

Due to the onset of the present COVID-19, CTS have modernized all tool box talks to go online with operatives attending Zoom toolbox talks, This means we can have 20 or 30 staff in 20 or 30 locations keeping safe instead of congregating in one room as what happened last year. This helps us comply with all safety regulations and COVID regulations in keeping our staff safe.

New CTS health and Safety officer,  Michael.
New CTS health and Safety officer, Michael.

Meet Michael. Our Compliance team has taken on a new health and Safety officer to ensure staff are not only using safety systems of work but to also ensure they are wearing correct COVID PPE and abide by Govt guidelines and company procedures.

To comply with all regulations, we have issued additional PPE and uniforms to staff. All members of staff also must complete an online COVID-19 self-risk assessment every day before stating work via the CoBabble app.

CoBabble app implemented at CTS.
CoBabble app implemented at CTS.

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