CTS Apprentices – Conor Austin

CTS apprentice Conor Austin

During National Apprenticeship week we would like to share some information about some of the CTS apprentices. The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2020 is “Look Beyond”.

Apprentice Name: Conor Austin

Mentor Name: Ciaran Scullion

Apprentice Start Date: Aug 2019

Role: Apprentice Electrician

Department: NIHE/AT

College: SRC Portadown

What opportunities has this apprenticeship gave you?

This apprenticeship has provided me with the training and skills on how to carry out the basics on electrical installs and maintenance.

What aspects of the job have you enjoyed most?

I enjoy new installations most, as I have seen how to plan and execute a job from start to finish.

Tell us about some jobs/projects/training you have been involved in and skills/knowledge gained?

I recently worked in a house that had a fire in the kitchen. Me and my mentor had to rewire a number of circuits in the; kitchen, bathroom and hallway. This job consisted of rewiring a kitchen ring, general ring, radial circuits, lighting circuit, cooker circuit, and a shower circuit. When this installation was complete, we had to do a full test and an inspection of the property to certify it.

Would you recommend people to consider taking the apprenticeship route?

Yes, apprenticeship is a great opportunity to gain new experience and learn new skills, along with earning a wage. At CTS you get a one-to-one experience with a fully qualified electrician. I have found out that one-to-one training is very important in my learning process.

CTS Apprentice Conor carrying out a job
CTS Apprentice Conor carrying out a job