CTS Apprentices – Kai Ross

CTS apprentice Kai

During National Apprenticeship week we would like to share some information about some of the CTS apprentices. The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2020 is “Look Beyond”.

Apprentice Name: Kai Ross

Mentor Name: Joe Mac

Apprentice Start Date: 1st October 2018

Role: Joiner

Department: Radius

College: Belfast Met

What opportunities has this apprenticeship gave you?

This Apprenticeship has given me many different opportunities. Such as being able to go with many different joiners. This expands my range of knowledge because all of the joiners have a different way of doing different jobs. So, this gives me a great chance to move on in my apprenticeship.

Do you think you have made much progress since starting?

I think that I have made a large amount of progress as I have learnt many ways to approach jobs. I have been able been able to pass on advice to people. Giving pointers of other ways that I have learned how to do or approach a different aspect of a job.

What aspects of the job have you enjoyed most?

I enjoy working with the men and women of CTS as they are very friendly, and will help you no matter what. I also enjoy working hands on at jobs, being able to get the time that I need to learn how to do various tasks.

Tell us about some jobs/projects/training you have been involved in and skills/knowledge gained?

CTS gave me and other apprentices a chance to do training on fire doors. This helped expand our knowledge so when we get the task to help or do a fire door we know how to approach it. This shows the extent that CTS go to help the future work force that they want and would like to see go far with this training.

Would you recommend people to consider taking the apprenticeship route?

I would recommend people to take the apprenticeship route, because the companies that take you really do want to see you go far and succeed in later life. I would also recommend it because it has helped me a lot, seeing what i can do and what i can do now is all because of my apprenticeship.

CTS apprentice Kai carrying out training
CTS apprentice Kai carrying out training