CTS Apprentices – Shannon O’Doherty

CTS Apprentice Shannon

During National Apprenticeship week we would like to share some information about some of the CTS apprentices. The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2020 is “Look Beyond”.

Apprentice Name: Shannon O’Doherty 

Mentor Name: Stuart Higgins

Apprentice Start Date: January 2019

Role: Joiner

Department: Radius

College: Belfast Met

What opportunities has this apprenticeship gave you?

This apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to gain knowledge of the working environment outside collage along working with the opposite sex in the building trade, where not many females are present.

Do you think you have made much progress since starting?

Since starting this apprenticeship, I have learnt alot of new skills and have carried out many tasks which I did not think I could do. I also made alot of progress and met new people while doing it.

What aspects of the job have you enjoyed most?

I have enjoyed learning all of the above along with progressing every day in my joinery career, and enjoying doing this work.

Tell us about some jobs/projects/training you have been involved in and skills/knowledge gained?

I have carried out many joinery jobs such as fitting kitchen units, fitting composite doors, skirting, bath panelling etc. Carrying out these jobs I have learnt alot of skills on how to use the power tools and other equipment that I have never used. I also know how to do the actual job and complete these task on time.

Would you recommend people to consider taking the apprenticeship route?

I would strongly encourage others to do this apprenticeship because it has helped me alot on learning new things an also gave me an opportunity to complete my level 2 in Belfast Met. Also, because there are not alot of females in this working trade.

CTS apprentice Shannon carrying out training