CTS Support Gas Safety Week

Ctssupporting gas safety

Team CTS support Gas Safety Week by spreading awareness on the tenth year of the campaign.

This year the focus is on how to keep safe as a community, especially during these challenging times.

Connect Transform Sustain teamed up with clients Clanmil Housing Association to launch a ‘Done in 1’ competition. Tenants are entered into the competition when they let team CTS into their home to service their boiler on the first visit. CTS operative Dominic and Clanmil team member Debbie presented Barbara with her £50 voucher.

competition winner Barbara with her prize
Team CTS operative Dominic & Clanmil team member Debbie pictured with competition winner Barbara.

Gas Safety Week is a great campaign reaching many people which helps to keep a gas safe nation. It is important to get your gas appliances checked annually by a Gas safe registered and qualified engineer.

Connect Transform Sustain is a Gas Registered Company with qualified engineers. You can find all our engineers on the Gas Safe Register.

Team CTS operative Andrew pictured with his Gas Safe card.
Team CTS operative Andrew pictured with his Gas Safe card.

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