HLA – Conor Breen

It has been over a year since Conor Breen joined the team CTS finance department on a Higher Level Apprenticeship as part of his course at Southern Regional College.

Conor joined the team back in September 2020 and has enjoyed his experience so far, applying what he studies in his part-time course at the SRC to real-life scenarios, and has found the “learning by doing” aspect of an apprenticeship invaluable to his career and academic development.

Conor has been dealing with all aspects of the business and tells us about his journey so far below:

“It is hard to believe I’ve spent a year here at CTS already, then again, the fast-paced environment and the varying & versatile workload that entails has made for an amazing and insightful year.

“It has been very interesting getting to know the different contracts/aspects of work here in CTS that were alien to me a year ago.

“I’ve gained a great deal of experience, applying what I’ve learnt in college to my work here at CTS, and oftentimes vice versa. From invoice to reconciliation to VAT returns, I’ve learnt a great deal of knowledge from keeping the accounts in the North & South in order under the guidance of Lisa & Iwona.

“I can honestly say it has been a pleasure becoming part of the great and growing team here at CTS.