Mission, Vision & Values


Our Vision “To make people happy and healthy in the buildings they live and use every day.”

Our mission “Working together we will achieve more and encourage creativity and innovation to ensure people are able to enjoy and be safe within every building and their community.”

Core Values

CARING - We are committed to being eager to help others, have attention to detail and take ownership of what we do. We share a support of our team members and enrich their lives as well as that of our customers.

INTEGRITY - We are committed to being honest and forthright in our dealings, ensuring we build trust by going above and beyond and acting truthfully. We will be transparent in doing what is right and best for our customers. We will measure ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and fiscal responsibility.

ADVANCEMENT - We are committed to advancing our customers journey with us and that of our colleagues towards a better tomorrow. We will ensure that each day is another step towards excellence and a more responsible planet and how humans interact with it.

RESPONSIBILITY - We are committed to taking an active responsible role in society and within the business. We will act with honesty in our relationships with others. We will do the right thing because there are no alternatives.

ACTION - We are committed to acting. As a champion of getting things done, we will not shy away from competition or a challenge that seems insurmountable or opportunities that feel impossible. We will take action towards our goals as individuals and that of our customers.

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